There Is No Spoon


I am a big fan of the movie Matrix.

It has an epic scene where Neo sees a kid bending a spoon without even touching it, and he starts to wonder how the fuck did he do that.

And so Neo tries to do the same but before he tries:

The kid says: “Do not try to bend the spoon – that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth: there is no spoon.”

I believe the message here is: Nothing that we see and feel is real, and if we truly believe something, it becomes true for us.

Now that doesn’t mean we can bend laws of physics by just believing. But I do believe we can accomplish a lot in life, if we know how to cultivate empowering beliefs.

This leads me to a very important point about experts suffering from “The Writers block”.

(Writers block is a state where the person temporarily loses the ability to write something worthwhile.)

I honestly believe there is no such thing as Writers block and since I believe it, it holds true for me.

I hear experts complaining “Oh but I don’t have anything interesting to talk about” or “I just get really frustrated when I sit to write”.

Writing is hard only because you believe it is.

Since laws are bendable and you have the power to create your own reality, why not create one that empowers you.

If you want to work harder than you have to then by all means believe what you want to.

But if you want to get success effortlessly, create empowering realities.

If you notice, in a way while writing you are not creating content by typing it on your keyboard. Content is already inside your head.

You are just allowing it to flow from your mind to your keyboard.

That’s what I am doing right now; I am hearing what is in my head and simply typing it.

So that means you can create posts just as easily as I do every freaking day of your life, without running out of ideas ever.

Honestly, it took me 10 minutes flat, to write this post. Once you understand how to create empowering realities this will be you.

That’s where my effortless writing secrets comes in.

When you create more content, you get more attention and you can use that attention to get more clients.