7 Sure Fire Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Link Popularity

On Site S.E.O. Is one of the best Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Blog, it counts for 20% of search engine optimization, most people get this right and think that is all they have to do, then just sit back and watch the traffic come flooding in and it never does.

On Site Search Engine Optimization: is everything that you control when you write your blog.

The four key ingredients for On Site S.E.O. are:

Picking the right Title: Make sure to do your keyword research for the proper title that best describes your blog post or article. Your keywords should have 2000 or more searches a month and no more than 60,000 results in Google, when searching for the keyword, put your keywords in speech marks, it gives you a better search result.

Content has to be of high quality: In the post you want to promote, because after all content is king, the better the article or blog the more chances other people will start to notice it and pass it around, when visitors start to like your post, commenting or sharing it, the post starts to become viral and the real traffic starts to come in.

Using Headers: with your keywords in it. Start the body of your content using header 1 with your keywords, half way down your blog have your secondary keywords in header 2, this helps the search engines find those keywords more easily.

Images: this is another great place to put your keywords, a lot of people skip this part altogether and just leave the default name of the image, that’s a big No- No.

The most Important Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Blog.

Off Site S.E.O Counts for 80% of search Engine Optimization, this is when we start to promote the blog and the best way for that is with back links.

Back links: Create a short video and have the title the same as your article, it only has to be 30 seconds or so promoting your blog with a call to action, telling your visitors to click on the link below that leads back to your blog. Each video you create gives your blog a back link, you should create 5 videos for every blog you want to promote. Submit your videos to different video sharing sight’s, but You Tube is the biggest and also own by Google so put your best videos on YouTube. Insert your videos into your blog and you will be creating a two – way link.

Write an article: for EzineArticles related to your keywords at the bottom of the article write a sentence leading them back to your blog and have your keyword as the anchor text, do this to 5 different article directories, change the article around, even change the keywords and always have your anchor test in place.This might seem like a lot of work, but lets say you were writing a blog a day, in one week that would be 7 blogs just sitting there bringing in no traffic, So if you change your approach and create one blog with a related articles out supporting it, you’ve just set your blog on fire.

Comment on other Blogs: related to your post, always read the blog and leave a good comment, don’t just say great post they will consider this spamming,