The Way Of Natural Linkbuilding Post-Penguin

Link Popularity

It was a bad feeling for many website and blog owners when they got ruthlessly slapped by the Google Penguin update. Google is always making changes, and it really goes to show now. Things aren’t like they used to be. It used to be super easy to get a website ranked highly, all you had to do was get a ton of backlinks to it.

Things aren’t that easy anymore, however. You now can’t just fire backlinks at a site and have it all work out for the best. You have to build the right type of backlinks, at the right speed, etc.

It may sound pretty difficult, but it’s actually pretty easy once you figure out how to do it, as with anything. It just takes a little bit of patience, and some practice.

The first thing you need to do is think about the speed at which you’re building backlinks. You need to make this (link velocity) look totally natural in Google’s eyes, which isn’t always easy. Here’s how you do it: don’t just build 10 links every day, or 5 one day, then 6, then 7..and so on.

That looks way too predictable in Google’s eyes. You need to do it slowly, and RANDOMLY. Yes, you need to make it look like people are just naturally linking in to your site, which means one day, one person might link to it, and the next day, 3 people might, then 2 the next day, then 6, etc.

Natural is key

Just keep it NATURAL and you should have any problems. Another thing you need to think strongly about is your anchor text for your backlinks. Here’s something you want to vary as well. You want to have most of your backlinks be naked urls, which means it will just be the URL, with no anchor text.

In the real world, that’s how most people link to websites, naked urls. You also want to mix it up and have some of your anchor text be your keyphrases, some of it be your brand name (with different capitalizations – because yes, Google looks at that!), some of it be “Click here”, “Here”, etc., and some of it be “Keyword Brand name” (hybrid).

I hope that’s not too confusing. The other main thing you need to think about is to vary your links, with some of them being nofollow, some being dofollow, and from a variety of sites (article sites, forums, blogs, social bookmarking, social networks, etc.).

As long as you make your link profile look as natural and Google friendly as possible, you shouldn’t have any problems!

Of course you’ll want to remove spammy and broken links that are pointing to your site, which can be a big task. With a lot of patience you can get your precious website rankings back.