Three Link Building Tactics That You Should Avoid After Panda And Penguin

Link Popularity

Recovering from the negative impact of Google’s Panda and Penguin is not an easy task. You will have to revamp the content of your website and will have to satisfy Google that you are focusing on not just search engines but on the end user of your website. You will also have to avoid certain mistakes that can prove costly for your website. Make sure you stop relying on the following five tactics given below when implementing search engine optimization strategies for your website.

Buying Links

Google has clearly shown that purchasing links is a clear proof that you are not offering real quality. Google wants you to develop your website in such a manner that users share the same on social media websites without any other incentive. The fact that you have to purchase links will be held against you. Of course, this strategy can prove useful if it is implemented in a smart manner.

However, you will find it difficult to convince reputed websites to link to your website just because you are offering money. Everybody will have to worry about their reputation and credibility. A rumor that you are participating in link purchase campaigns can prove disastrous for your website. Apart from the fact that you may be hit by Google’s penalties again, your users may also stop recommending your website to others.

Forced Reciprocal links

Many persons are of the opinion that reciprocal links should be avoided after the Panda and Penguin update. However, it does not make sense to completely avoid reciprocal links. There is a possibility that you may link to a particular website and the webmaster of that website may link to your site for perfectly genuine reasons. All the parties involved may be impressed with the content of the other party and this may be the reason behind reciprocal linking.

A lot depends on the context. If you link with a high page rank website that is completely unrelated to your niche, then chances are high that you will be flapped for indulging in reciprocal linking practices. Try to avoid forced reciprocal links. If such links occur naturally, then you need not worry about the negative impact of this tactic on your overall ranking.

Poor Quality Directory Links

Linking with numerous article directories that do not have a stringent editorial process can prove disastrous in the long run. You will get a large number of links very quickly. However, this link building strategy will not sustain itself for long. The next update introduced by Google will surely hit your website badly. Instead, it makes sense to focus on reputed and credible article directories. Take a long and hard look at your article directory campaign. If necessary, stop contributing articles if you are suspicious of its impact on your site’s ranking.

Do not be in a hurry to take a final decision. Play around with the content of your website and your tactics. Try to find the ideal balance. Do not try to find a permanent solution to a problem that is always changing. Instead, try to evolve and adapt your website to the changing needs of search engine optimization and link building.