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Paid Surveys

How much is your opinion worth?

Some companies call it market research, others call it consumer insights, but there are thousands of organisations out there desperate for information. They want to know what the general public think about their products, their services, their advertising, and their customer service: the list is endless.

To add to that; they also want to know about you. Your life style, your income, your family, your pets, your savings, your insurance cover; another seemingly bottomless pit when it comes to the need to fill their coffers with information.

In a competitive world, information is money, information helps to make products and services that sell, information about you helps them to understand what products and services you want.

So, if information is so valuable, why shouldn’t they pay for it? Well, they do, and if you know where to look you can get paid for answering surveys; money simply for giving your opinions, thoughts and experiences. They win – you win!

Online surveys are simple, quite often they’re just multiple choice; it’s easy, a few £s for just a few minutes work. Even better are the product testing surveys. They send you the product; you try it and tell them what you think. You get paid and, usually, you get to keep the product.

If you fancy getting paid for online surveys there’s a number of ways you can go about it. You can search around on the net and look for individual opportunities, but they can be difficult to find and companies sometimes prefer their existing customers as respondents. Or you can get an online survey job.

These are great because they channel the surveys to you. There are a few companies out there that have specialised in putting surveys and respondents together, a bit like an information and opinion dating site. All you have to do is log on and sign up – it couldn’t be easier.

Often it’s as little as watching a new TV ad, or looking over a website and giving an opinion on how easy it was to navigate, none of which is exactly hard work. However, there are a few things to look out for because, as in any industry, there are some sharks out there.

There are a few outfits that ask for a registration fee. You shouldn’t need to do that because they will make their money on every survey you answer.

Check too on the payout threshold; some companies expect you to build up a balance of up to £30 before they will pay out.

The other thing to look for is how easy it is to contact them. If the contact details are up front on the online survey site, that’s a good sign, but if there hidden away or not there at all, then maybe they don’t want you to find them?

Once you have found a good legitimate site, however, there is no reason why it shouldn’t make a nice little contribution to your monthly income. Many people make a few hundred pounds a month just answering a few surveys every day, and they’re doing it in the comfort of their own home with no expenses, no travel, no boss breathing down their neck and no hassle!

People who have become really slick at online surveys earn considerably more, and if you start to build up a team of affiliates; well, you soon start to get into the realms of real money.

So, as it’s a survey, ask yourself the question – why not?