Why I Do Paid Online Surveys

Paid Surveys

It is no secret; one of the best ways to earn some quick and easy money online is by doing paid surveys. However, be that as it may, not enough people are taking this into consideration. One year ago, my friend told me about this site that paid up to $75 per survey. I just looked at her and smirked. What did I know at the time except that I had no time nor patience for that sort of thing. I was totally wrong. What I needed was a drive, a push; then along it came. Desperation did me in. I had a huge bursar bill to pay or I wouldn’t graduate with my B.S in Biology. Moreover, my mom became very ill and my dad was not getting steady work. I also could not find something decent either. I was miserable; all education and no job! What was I supposed to do? I cried honestly, but then I got angry!

During my darkest moment, a light turned on in my head, and I felt the thinking gears starting to crank up; I remembered what my friend told me a while ago about online surveys. Well, even though I thought it was ridiculous, what choice did I have right; the worst that could happen was that I didn’t earn money. Since I had no job and spent all my time being depressed and feeling sorry for myself, I figured some well spent energy taking surveys couldn’t hurt.

Before long, I completed my first paid survey, I earned $7.95! Wow I was ecstatic. I had spent only ten minutes. I was pumped up, then immediately after I wondered if it was just beginners luck. I contemplated that I may have just happened to take the right survey at the right time; anyways, I decided to take another one. I earned $5.50 on a 3 minute survey. Oh man,, I was sweating gleefully now.

I called my friend and barely gasped out the words, “I did it… “; “Did what?” -she asked. I croaked out once more, and told her I made money, then a loud squeal escaped my lips as if some trapped force finally escaped. This was my renaissance moment. I then made online surveys my career; the earnings went from $45-$120 a day, then increased so much that I won’t even tell numbers right now. I am thankful for one thing; desperation. If I wasn’t so desperate to get out of the sink-hole of debt and other dilemma, I probably would of continued being comfortable just sitting, complaining, and feeling sorry for myself. Now, not only did I pay off my tuition loan and pay in FULL for my mom’s hospital expenses, I also was able to buy the Subaru that I have always wanted; it’s a stick shift too.

I hope that you, the reader, understands even if you hear something from a friend or even from a stranger that might seem untrue or downright ridiculous, at the very least give it some thought. A little bit of common sense and consideration goes a very long way if utilized properly, for the right intentions.