Social Media Paid Ads: Should Travel Companies Invest in Them?

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As per reports, social media represents a total of 28% of the entire time spent by hoteliers on online marketing. This makes for the time when they choose to connect with their throbbing online community consisting of their fans and followers across all devices. As far as sharing and curating impactful content is concerned, it has actually been found that hoteliers have done quite a stellar job till now.

The worth of investing in paid ads: You know you will only end up gaining

However, those of you who wish to churn out even better online campaigns – should turn to social media paid ads. It has actually been proved that these paid ads have performed 8 times better than publication websites or display campaigns. Now, we are all aware of how Google AdWords/PPC/Facebook paid ads can offer substantial traction to an online visibility of brands. Today, we will have detailed look into how they work.

As per a case study, a multi-property brand had actually experienced a drastic revenue improvement (read 1,373%!!!) by launching an individual ad campaign on Facebook as well as multi-channel campaigns integrating Facebook ads.

Now, very simply speaking, businesses regularly invest in Facebook promoted posts so that their posts appear higher than others in the news feed. As such, there’re better chances of people seeing their brand. However, there are still many small business owners who are not yet ready to spend a little on these promoted posts. Experts, on the other hand, have repeatedly stressed on the fact that Facebook news feeds and EdgeRank are making a lot of noise in recent times and in the midst of all this noise you’re not really attempting to invest time in paid posts then be absolutely sure about the fact that your posts are getting lost in all the clamor.

Now, it is very important for businesses to realize that their size necessarily doesn’t have to act as an impediment on their way to social media success. They don’t necessarily have to pay huge in order to bolster social media visibility. Spending a small amount of money can help them considerably in this regard.

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Social media ads have evolved a lot from the time they had actually made their appearance. Today a platform like Facebook allows marketers to target their own e-mail database across networks. Businesses, as per experts, should seriously consider incorporating behavioral targeting in their FB ad campaigns as it would help them to zero in on users making travel plans.

Newsfeed algorithms are also making a gradual shift towards paid content. As such, it only makes sense for marketers to invest in promoted content and devise marketing campaigns that will efficaciously help you reach your users at different stages of their journey.

If you are not yet paying attention to social media paid ads then we can sincerely hope that the points mentioned above will help you act otherwise.

The tips mentioned in the post will be of help as well- we hope!