Reasons Individuals Should “LIKE” Business Pages on Facebook

Social Networking

You are a member of one of the largest and most widely accepted social networking sites in the world. Early in its existence, Facebook was only used for posting “What’s on your mind”, sharing photos and communicating with our friends across the country and around the world. In today’s generation, Facebook has many uses and advantages that users can take advantage of. Businesses now allow you to enjoy their interesting and entertaining articles and videos, customer surveys, life quotes, share personal stories about their leaders and employees, along with wanting to interact with you their clients and guests. Oh, did I mention that they often offer contests, discounts and free items as well.

How do you take advantage of a business’s promotions and helpful information? Simple, “LIKE” their page. That is the only way that you can get total access to all the benefits of being a follower of that business. It used to be called “Being a Fan” but years ago Facebook changed that to just “LIKING” the page. On your personal page you engage with people by becoming “Friends”. You engage with businesses by using the “LIKE” button.

Those businesses truly do want to interact with you, the consumer. “Liking” their posts encourages them to continue to provide useful and pertinent information to you through their Facebook page. But more importantly, “Comments” provide them with an interactive tool for getting to know you as an individual along with your needs and concerns. Feel free to “comment” on their posts, even if it is a negative comment. “Sharing” a post is probably the highest form of flattery to a business. It allows the business to be visible and make connections to all of your friends. It also creates an atmosphere which encourages your friends to “Like” their page.

Many businesses also offer you the ability to post to their page. If you see a heading stating “Visitor Posts” in the left hand column, the business allows visitors to post on their Facebook page. You can post thank you’s, heads up, related posts and even bad reviews. The reason that businesses choose to allow visitors to post is to encourage interaction between them and their customers. Please feel free to post your comments.

If you “LIKED” a business and they are not replying to comments, fill your page with their spam, don’t post interesting and related stories or just don’t seem genuine in their interactions with you, you can always “UNLIKE” them. It is easy enough to do. Just go to their page and mouse-over the “LIKED” button. A menu will come up and one of the options is to “Unlike this Page”.

Facebook is social media and users of social media should interact with their communities and that includes businesses. When you see a business page in the newsfeed take a look at it. If that business has products or services that you are interested in, then go ahead and “LIKE” it. And just as important, like any posts that you find relevant and comment on them as well. Be sure to “Share” all posts that you feel your friends might be interested in. You never know you might be rewarded for your forward thinking.